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Waterford East is a mixed income community that offers apartment homes for unrestricted and restricted income residents. Restricted income residents are subject to the Maximum Allowable Household Incomes identified below.

HOUSEHOLD SIZE: Includes each person who will reside in the home.

HOUSEHOLD INCOME: All income from any income source, including but not limited to, all wages, social security payments, retirement benefits, military and veteran's disability payments, unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, and interest and dividend payments.

MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE HOUSEHOLD INCOME: HUD (US Department of Housing of Urban Development) publishes annual income limits based on household size that are used to determine the maximum household income.

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Apartment homes not subject to restricted income limits are also available at this community.

Your Application will be considered canceled if you falsify any information and up to $350 of the Holding Fee may be forfeited.

If you believe that your income is over what is identified above for the Maximum Allowable Household Income, you still may qualify for the following affordable housing communities.